Canadian Start-Up Visa Program For Entrepreneurs - Startup Canada Visa

Canadian Start-Up Visa Program For Entrepreneurs

Canadian incorporation can be a great way to start your business in Canada. There are many benefits, and it’s located near other key global economic centers. This makes access easy for entrepreneurs looking into this option as they grow their companies globally. This is where Start-up Visa comes into the picture.

Doing business in Canada is a great way for entrepreneurs and business owners to take advantage of the many tax benefits it offers while applying for a Start-up Visa. This innovative program can speed up your path into this country with a quick and cost-effective immigration process.

About the program

Launched in April 2013, as a pilot, the Start-Up Visa program is a special immigration stream that caters to the needs of high-potential entrepreneurs. Nowadays Start-up Visa program became permanent and one of the best ways to come to Canada and start a venture. This program grants permanent resident (PR) visas to foreign entrepreneurs who intend to operate a business in Canada.

The Start-Up Visa program is designed for entrepreneurs who have the potential to become successful in Canada. All you need are some start-up funds and vision! The visa process starts with finding a designated entity that will support your venture.


The Start-Up Visa program allows up to five individuals who play an essential role in the qualified business to apply for a PR visa. Each applicant must have basic English or French communication skills, and adequate settlement funds. The spouse and children of the applicant may also apply for a PR visa under the same application.

It should be noted that the permanent resident visa, once granted, will not expire or be revoked. Successful applicants may apply for Canadian citizenship after physically living in Canada for a certain period as permanent residents. This is in contrast to other start-up visa programs around the world.

Successful applicants

The successful applicants come from a diverse range of countries, such as Iran, India, China, Vietnam, Brazil, Korea, Turkey and etc. They are all highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in their field. They also are coming from across a number of industries, including technology, food product manufacturing, education, medical research, banking, human resources, and advertising.

APS Global Partners

With a decade’s worth of experience in business, tax, and corporate finance APS Global Partners can provide applicants with comprehensive advice on structuring their start-ups.
APS Global Partners’ services include strategic guidance for those looking into the program or already taking the first steps.