Impacts of the War on Investment Migration, and the best program on the market. - Startup Canada Visa

Impacts of the War on Investment Migration, and the best program on the market.

The people of Ukraine have been fighting for their freedom from Russia’s invading forces since last February. The invasion was accompanied by huge losses in human lives and the destruction of the Ukrainian land. This will likely continue to affect the world economy, especially considering how serious Covid-19 has made things already and investment migration.

The global economy and risks

This is a sad reality for many people around the world who continue to feel left behind in an increasingly global economy. Economic globalization can only become more fragmented, risky, and unpredictable for years to come.

Massive global economic changes that are happening due to the war will only make things more uncertain. Especially it will effect for those wanting to invest in an economy to migrate to another area of the world.

War has never been so unpredictable. The risks are higher than ever, but that’s not all. Once the war in Ukraine is finished, everyone should expect an increase in demand for investment migration. Those wishing to relocate will have to pay a premium to live and work in a secure and economically stable environment.

Global Migration & Golden Visa

Countries with demand from Russian citizens have already dramatically reduced their supply of investment migration solutions. Particularly considering the ban on Russian citizens that applied for citizenship/residence programs like Golden Visa.

Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Citizenship that was previously acquired from Turkey for 250 thousand US dollars worth of real estate is no longer available. According to the statement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the cost of Turkish citizenship has increased. Now it will cost 400 thousand US dollars. It will also have 3 years of no selling condition.

As far as the migration of investment is concerned, times have changed radically. Just a decade ago, we saw the golden years of investment migration. Now, however, the global scene has been negatively economically impacted.

The Canadian Start-Up Visa Program

The Canadian Start-Up Visa is the best solution out there. It was created for entrepreneurs who are willing to start an innovative business in Canada. The bonus – it provides unconditional and irrevocable PR status in Canada for the whole family. It’s much less expensive than Turkish citizenship by investment.

The Start-Up Visa program is a great opportunity to build your business in the thriving Canadian business environment!

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