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Success Stories

food industry
Food and Beverage Industry

Food and Beverage

A China based health food company with an innovative formula for a muscle elasticity beverage, had overwhelming success partnering with a Canadian sports studio to adopt their product.

Two shareholders teamed with an Ontario based Business Incubator and received a Letter of Support in just two months from the time they started participating in the Start Up Visa program.

transportation and logistics

Transportation and Logistics

A shipping container monitoring device resulted from collaboration of three individuals in the shipping industry. Working in three different parts of the world, like-minded professionals were accepted by an Ontario based incubator and arrived in Canada within a year of starting the process.

Note: Processing times have lengthened to about 16 months due the general slowdown in immigration processing due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

oil and gas industry

Oil & Gas Industry

The project: A unique, patented pipe quality control device that saves money, time and effort for buyers. It identifies defective products before they get shipped to a construction site. It was introduced to Canada by an Egyptian entrepreneur.

It was accepted by an Ontario Incubator and the business has grown as the product has proven to be superior in quality and performance with that which was available prior to the introduction of the device.

toronto office

Retail / Interior Design

Have you ever wondered whether shopping for the best home décor remotely from your home exists? It was not until the augmented reality app connecting buyers and stores arrived in Canada from its Hong Kong based developer. All that is needed is a cell phone, the app and a good eye. Snap the space you want to design and plan your décor remotely.

The founder with no initial funding but great prototype made it through all the stages of acceptance in just three months. Her app is now helping make beautiful homes and offices across and beyond Canada.