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Requirements for The Start-Up Visa Program

The Canadian Start-up visa program offers the opportunity to entrepreneurs who are seeking a chance in this country. The Start-up Visa program offers entrepreneurs who are seeking opportunities for growth one of these unique entry points. It allows businessmen to get into our economy with many benefits like creating jobs while advancing economic development.

The world is a competitive place and the business environment has never been more challenging. The Start-up Visa Program targets entrepreneurs who are passionate about their craft, willing to take it one step further than anyone else – whether that’s creating innovative products or services for clients in need of something new–and confident enough not only to know what they want but also how best attain it! If you’re an entrepreneur looking at starting up your own company soon then this might be just the right opportunity. The immigration process is one of the fastest.

This program aims to attract entrepreneurs seeking permanent residency in Canada, and will set up a viable and functional business in the country will the help of Canadian investors.

Qualification Details for the program:

-Innovative business idea

To qualify for the Start-up Visa program, you need to have a business idea or be part of an innovative start-up company. You also must own 10% voting rights in your venture when you get the Letter of Support from D.O; the founders should hold more than 50% of the company.

When the applicant gets their permanent residency, they will be able to incorporate and run a successful business in Canada.

The applicant needs to have a great idea for an innovative, start-up business or be able to apply with their current model that would qualify them as one of the immigrants chosen to get support from the D.O.

-LOS for the Start-up Visa program

It’s important that D.O. supporting you will have faith in what will be accomplished by your venture. A commitment letter from them shows support for your venture and provides proof to immigration services.

When an applicant has obtained the LOS, they should attach it to their PR application. The business investors or designated organization will also provide a certificate of acceptance as proof – which means you’re set!

-Language Proficiency

Immigration services want to ensure the applicants have no language barrier. So it is important that potential applicants meet the minimum Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) levels for speaking, reading, and writing English or French. Anyone who plans on applying should take an exam that comprises these four skills.

-Settlement funds

An applicant should have enough money to settle in Canada. The applicant also should have enough liquid funds to establish his venture in Canada. To figure out the minimum required funds look it up on the government website.

PR status under the Start-up Visa Program

The application process ensures that only qualified candidates are accepted into this program. If you’re found eligible, then your PR is waiting for you!

If the venture fails and will not be able to continue, the applicant gets to keep holding his/hers PR Status as it is irrevocable.

Proper application for the Start-up Visa

It is important to ensure that the application you submit is accurate. Mistakes in your application may cause big problems.

By working with experts in the field you are ensuring your success!

Canadian SUV program for entrepreneurs in 2022.

There are many things to consider when starting a business in Canada. This article will walk you through the pre-measurements that need to be taken so your journey is as successful and rewarding as applying to the SUV program!

Canadian Business Immigration

Canada is a great place to start your business! Whether you want to be an entrepreneur or invest in one, there are many ways that Canada has set itself apart as the most welcoming country for immigrants. Entrepreneur programs make sure entrepreneurs can live out their dreams and provide support towards Canadian economic growth when it comes down to selecting options during the application process.
It’s no surprise then why we have been seeing so much success lately from those looking into immigrating to Canada under the SUV category – they know what kind of opportunities await them…

Introduction to Startup Visa (SUV)

Canada is always on the lookout for enterprising entrepreneurs who want to establish their own businesses in our country. If you’re an entrepreneur with great ideas and skills, then Canada might be your perfect destination! SUV can help make this dream come true because when it comes down to building successful companies it isn’t easy work!!

To learn more about the Start-up Visa program and how to start a business in Canada, continue to read this guide.

Canadian SUV Program

The Start-up Visa Canada program is an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to start their business in the country. It also comes with many benefits, like being able to become a Canadian Permanent Resident and establishing a new business!

Eligibility For the Program

To get started, you’ll need to gather the required documents and check if your experience fits this category.
We’ve provided a list of eligibility criteria for evaluating your chances of becoming eligible for the Start-up Visa.

  1. To provide LOS.
  2. To secure a minimum investment.
  3. Meet the language requirements.
  4. Own at least 10% of the business.
  5. Sufficient settlement funds are required to prove that you have enough money to support yourself and your dependents.
  6. If you meet all the requirements, you may apply for the start-up visa with the assistance of APS Global Partners.

Once you’ve assessed your eligibility and have contacted one of our experts to assist you with the program.


In order to apply for the start-up visa program, one of your most important requirements is a letter from
a Designated Organization that demonstrates they will be supportive and assist in developing the Start-up.

Why Canada Needs Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Immigrants make great entrepreneurs because they come with drive and passion. They become role models for other newcomers, helping them start their own businesses in Canada’s economy which is desperately needed due to low birth rates among native Canadians as well increasing unemployment rate.
The country needs self-starters like these individuals who can help boost the productivity of our society; mainly by starting new companies that will generate more jobs or provide services we didn’t know already existed until then!

The Benefits of SUV

  • Permanent Residency
  • Fast process time for permanent residency
  • Plenty of provinces to choose from
  • Multiple candidates can own one business
  • Funding and guidance from trusted investors

If you plan to move your business and live in Canada, now is the best time!

Canada ranked #1 best country in the world.

Canada is the best country in the world and we’re so glad you can come to experience it with us through the Start-up Visa program.

Top Spot

Canada topped the recently released 2021 Best Countries Report from US News & World Reports. Making it their first time taking the top spot in this annual ranking. Canada previously placed second last year. Third place previous to that. This is an indication of how much Canada has improved!

Canada is the best country in North America and #1 out of 78 countries. It beat out Japan, Germany Switzerland, Australia which rounded off Top five spots for Canada’s ranking at sixth place worldwide.
The top three spots were held by Norway (2), Denmark with Sweden coming fourth placing them ahead of France. France sits proudly on the fifth position after having taken first back when they won Olympic Games athletes being hosted there twice. The United States ranked just below Uruguay at 27th followed closely, just behind New Zealand then Jamaica lastly.

Ranking Measures

The ranking measures the global performance of each country based on a variety of metrics; Adventure, Agility (a sense that you can take risks without fear), Cultural Influence, and Entrepreneurship.

Canada got full marks for Quality of Life – which reflects political and economic stability. Also, public safety, and a good job market – and Social Purpose, which looks at social justice, human and animal rights, racial equity, gender equality, and religious freedom.

The Survey

The survey was conducted by Quartz and they ask people all over the world what topics matter most to them. The rankings are determined through representative polling of more than 17,000 individuals who self-identify as broadly representing the global population with an emphasis on those that will deem this topic relevant in their lives.

The top 10 Best Countries in the World

1. Canada
2. Japan
3. Germany
4. Switzerland
5. Australia
6. The United States
7. New Zealand
8. The United Kingdom
9. Sweden
10. The Netherlands

You can see the full 2021 Best Countries Report at

Canadian exits for 2021 at an all-time high

Canadian companies are proving that billion-dollar businesses can be founded and operated in Canada. There were four exits last quarter, making the top 25 exit list!

The market is heating up as companies step into new grounds with innovative products and services. Home automation company Ecobee announced a sale to Generac Power Systems (NYSE: GNRC) for C$990M on Dec 1st. Which puts them in at number 13 spot! Vancouver-based Copperleaf completed an IPO earlier in 2021. It is valued at around one billion dollars. They’ve edged out other big contenders like Rumble from Toronto or Edging To Number 13 Spot Home Automation Company OtterBox. Their stock has been gaining momentum following recent acquisitions by Apple Inc.’s iOS App Store.

In addition to 4 of the top 25 exits being added this quarter (Rumble, Copperleaf Ecobee) adtech company Sharethrough had postponed its IPO. Perhaps they are waiting for Omicron’s impact on public markets. Or rising inflation concerns putting pressure might have something to do with it too.

Meaning of a year’s worth of exit value data

Canadian venture capital has been booming in recent years with 13 of the top 25 largest exit deals. It all came from Canadian companies over this last calendar year alone. Nine out of ten times these successful ventures went public either by way or an IPO, SPACs (Studies Public Offerings). And on their respective exchanges which is why we can expect continues strong performance going forward.

With a 70% appreciation in valuation since last year, Canada’s top 25 startups are now worth more than ever. This is great news not only for investors but also entrepreneurs who want their company to go big!


  • 13 of the top 25 largest VC backed tech exits of all time occurred in 2021
  • 2021 was the hottest Canadian IPO/SPAC market of all time for tech companies. Out of the top 25 Canadian VC backed exits, 13 companies went public — 9 of those occurred in 2021 (previous high is 2019 with 2 IPOs in the top 25)
  • Funding for Canadian firms jumped nearly 200 per cent compared to nearly 50 per cent in the U.S. by the end of the third quarter [The Logic]
  • Non-Canadian investors participated in 526 deals in Canada worth a combined US$10.05 billion, according to PitchBook. That’s up from 405 deals worth US$3.14 billion in 2020.

The Logic article mentioned above reports that funding for Canadian firms jumped nearly 200% by the end of the third quarter. Aside from VC fund success, companies themselves have a big question now remains will these be successful and deliver growth as their valuations imply? Can they achieve an exit at all given today’s market conditions?

Have you seen Shark Tank or Dragon’s Den? It’s similar to the SUV!

The SUV Program is an immigration opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to start their own business in Canada. Think of it as Shark Tank, but with professional investors and government assistance instead!

The Start-Up Visa program is like a dream come true for any entrepreneur. You’ll be able to pitch your idea and get support from investors who have made it their life’s work in helping start-up new businesses!

The Government of Canada has introduced the SUV program as a pilot in the 2013 project. It was done to encourage innovative entrepreneurs from around the world. These visas are available for those who have good ideas and can start businesses that will create jobs in Canada.

SUV program became a permanent program

Following a successful performance review of the Start-Up Visa program by Immigration Canada officials in 2017, this temporary visa option for business immigrants has been declared to be permanent. That way successful applicants are fast-tracked entry into Canada with granted permanent resident status which eventually leads them towards Canadian citizenship!

Can you apply for Start-up Visa program?

The SUV Program is a new, innovative, and groundbreaking program that will allow you to start your own business without any set financial requirements. This means anyone can apply as long they have an awesome idea for something worth doing! To be eligible applicants must meet these criteria:

  • Qualifying business
  • LOS from a designated organization
  • Minimum level of CLB 5 in either English or French
  • Sufficient, available, and transferable settlement funds

What next?

The Canadian SUV immigration program is one of the most straightforward in North America. You need to have a Designated Organization that will back your idea, and then it’s just a matter of time until you would be able to become a permanent resident of Canada! APS Global Partners – Canada’s top business consulting company specializing in helping entrepreneurs start their own business in Canada with the SUV.

Every Start-up Needs those 5 Tools | Start-up Visa

As a startup, your bottom line is stretched thin enough. You need powerhouse tools and platforms that can accelerate growth without overextending funding; this way you stay in control of where the money goes while still receiving ample benefits from them while going into the Start-up visa route!

In this article, we explore five free tools that will help you with everything; from the project and social media management to calendar booking. With just these few different options at our disposal for efficiency in everyday tasks like web design or content creation, it’s easy enough for any business person!

As a Start-up, you need to measure your success by how well it helps customers achieve their goals. We saw this firsthand when we looked into marketing platforms and realized that some were offering too much for free while others came with limitations. No matter which one of these options works best for your company’s needs. There will always be plenty available without paying an additional fee!


Trello is the king of project management. Here, teams can organize their workflows through comprehensive lists and cards. It helps to keep everything in check no matter how big or small your team might be! Doesn’t matter if you’re managing a sprint with 10 people on it or less. Trell takes care of all those pesky details so that nothing falls through the cracks.
Trell’s templates are incredibly detailed making them perfect. Especially if you need help working through some tough issues.

The free version of this app will give you: Unlimited cards, members, and storage space to keep track of all your activities. You can also create boards for different purposes like hobbies or interests!
If you are looking for a place where you could easily organize your Start-up’s happenings so that everything would have its own slot- whether it deadlines looming over you; or there are social gatherings -you get the picture- everything had its specific spot in between these two… As well as custom backgrounds & stickers just because why not?


Hootsuite offers a free social media management service that will help you keep track of your posts, schedule them for execution across all networks and review the analytics. You can run up to three different profiles with this plan but there is no way redeemable other than running limited messages in each account.
The free version of this platform will give you a feel for the dashboard and serve as an excellent starting point for your Start-up. If your company is just getting started t will be excellent for you. 1 user seat is available on-demand at all times or specific hours.


What could be better than one simple, yet sophisticated calendar system? Calendly is the answer. With a single platform for all your meetings and events, you won’t ever have to worry about scheduling conflicting schedules again!
“Calendars are confusing as it is,” says Steve Jobs in his Stanford University Commencement Address “When you’ve got 100 balls in various colors bouncing around on 4 walls…it doesn’t make things any easier.”

Calendly is the best way to simplify your workday and get more done in a single session. Calendly automates all of our scheduling needs, so you could focus on other important tasks like remembering what time the next conference starts!

With the free version of this app, you can connect to one calendar per user. You will also receive a personalized link that anyone in your Start-up could use for bookings and ongoing scheduling purposes! Additionally, with unlimited scheduled meetings, notifications on all meeting changes via email/chat; this app got everything covered so there’s no need to worry about losing important information during busy times either because it’ll always be right where u left off – saving valuable business hours each day while increasing productivity.


Slack is the most popular messaging app for Start-ups. It has over 10 million active users. It may seem like just another way to communicate but it’s so much more than that! With free access to emails and instant messaging Slack has completely replaced internal email in many organizations across industries around the world.

Slack is a messaging service designed specifically by corporations who understand how important communication and collaboration are with today’s fast-paced lifestyle; however, they went beyond this basic need because there was room left untouched such things related filesharing or document sharing among colleagues all while maintaining security measures against hackers.

The free version of this app is a great start for businesses that need basic functionality. You can message, connect channels and files in search results to your account. As well as 10K messages history with just the base package! There are other features such as one on one calls or unlimited analytics available too if you upgrade.


Canva is a game-changing tool that can be used by any Start-up team in need of professional designs. It’s easy enough for even non-designers to use, and it allows users complete customization with templates for social media or presentations as well! With Canva you’ll have all your next projects looking stunning thanks to this innovative design software made specifically just what we’re talking about–impressive pitches at their best possible level…and potential investors won’t know how close they came until after seeing what’s on deck here!

The free version of this design tool is a necessary asset for any business looking to create its own templates or updates. With it, you can get 250k+ free designs that come in 100 different types. From social media posts and presentations all the way down to letters! Plus there are hundreds upon thousands of photos available as well so your ideas won’t run dry anytime soon even if they’re not exactly what’s on-trend right now…the best part? You can use it for free or buy elements occasionally.

Communitech takes over Canadian startup job board Prospect

Communitech, a public-private innovation center in Waterloo that supports more than 1,600 tech companies and startup ventures are taking over Prospect. The non-profit organization helps connect the world’s talent with Canada’s startups and will now operate under CommuniTree – an arm of Communitie Digital Inc (CDI).

Chris Albinson, Communitech’s CEO said that the company is adding Canada’s largest startup job board to its toolkit. With this new resource, they can connect Canadian startups with skilled workers from around the world and scale up to more quickly than ever before!

“We’re excited about the addition of Prospect,” said Communitech’s CEO, “It will help us connect Canada’s startup with skilled workers from around the world.”

The transaction is a win-win for the two companies and their customers. Prospect’s current CEO, Bulger will continue to provide leadership on jobs while also staying involved in Communitech’s next phase of growth as an advisor!

Prospect is an innovative, workshopping community for start-ups and entrepreneurs that offers no money exchanged in transactions. Its executive leadership will continue to guide Communitech to proceed into its next phase of growth with Bulger remaining involved at a distance but providing input throughout the process.

Communitech is making it easier than ever for you to find your next great job with the company’s new rebrand. Prospect will be available as a free service and all of the branding, applications process, features, etc., remain exactly how they were before!

“Prospect was created to increase accessibility between Canadian tech startups and the world’s skilled workers, by centralizing all of the opportunities in one place,” said Bulger. “As a globally-recognized brand, Communitech is well-positioned to take this job board to the next level and continue to offer and expand on Prospect’s mission.” 

Prospect is a new Canadian company that was founded in response to the shortage of skilled tech workers. They are supported by founding partners BDC Capital, Golden Ventures, and Communitech who have helped promote over 40,000 jobs across 1 thousand startup companies since their launch.

Prospect is a non-profit organization that provides data on demand for more than 1,000 tech companies in Canada and has helped over 40 thousand jobs get filled since its launch in 2018.

Government Invests $20 Million Into B.C. Start-ups

Western Economic Diversification (WD) announced that 10 B.C Start-ups will receive support through their Business Scale-up and Productivity program to grow these emerging sectors, including the agriculture sector in rural communities across Canada.

Business scale up

Western economic diversification has just released its latest list of businesses that are being supported by a new initiative called “Business scale-up”. This fund offers Start-ups access to financing as well as technical assistance for things like marketing strategies or human resources requirements, so they can continue growing without any major barriers standing between them and success!

This announcement was made by Terry Beech, leader of the Conservative Party and Member for Lambton—Kent—Middlesex. The Start-ups that were awarded almost $21 million in funding are spread across clean technology, digital economy health sciences value-added agriculture to name a few! This news comes from an MP who also happens to be a federal legislator.


WD supports innovative Start-ups in a variety of key sectors throughout Western Canada. By lending to qualified companies and providing interest-free, repayable funding for them to grow or expand as they see fit, WD is helping regional innovation flourish.

Canada is a prime location for investment. The British Columbia investments will help create over 300 new jobs, which are good news to middle-class Canadians and ensure Canada’s prosperity in decades to come!

The projects

WD selected to grow these emerging sectors, with an expected growth rate of ten times current revenue by 2028!
The winning Start-ups include: -Broadview Cleaners & Laundry Inc., Burnaby; Nandan Home Care Services Ltd., Vancouver; Tela Solutions LLC dba Right Choice Medical Access Agency,[i]Kelowna; Headwaters Forest Products Ltd.. Prince Rupert).

Big Mountain Foods

Delta’s Big Mountain Foods received an investment of $4 million which will be used in their plant-based foods, expanding operations and sales for the future.
The company was founded by Delta Conner to provide a healthier option that is both vegan friendly as well allergen-free; it offers many different kinds of alternatives such as soy milk instead of regular dairy products or almond butter in place peanut butter -to name just two examples you’ll find on any grocery store shelf!


Vancouver-based Clarius has just received a $2.4 million investment for the global expansion of their handheld ultrasound devices. The aim being to make them more accessible and affordable in emerging markets like India where medical tourism is on an upward trend thanks largely due improving health care infrastructure. There as well other factors such as decreased infant mortality rates from diseases that were once considered an epidemic, but have since been controlled, because people are living longer lives under better circumstances than they would, if born onto impoverished soil, without access to education or clean water resources. Which provides basic necessities necessary not only during childhood yet also in adulthood too.


Clir, an innovative software company in Vancouver is on a mission to make the world greener. They recently received $4 million USD for expansion of operations and sales of their renewable energy apps that reduce carbon emissions from fossil fuels while increasing production efficiency by up to 90%.

Fatigue Science

Fatigue Science is one of Vancouver’s leading AI companies, and they are working with $300K in funding from the government to create new machine learning algorithms that will increase sales for Fatigue Risk Management Platform.
Forget about clicking on your computer screen every morning when you have an important meeting or presentation – this company has created something called fatigue risk management systems! These scientifically proven software programs can predict how a person may feel based upon past history–and act accordingly so as not to send them too far over their limit before bedtime (which inevitably leads to exhaustion). And now we’re going even further by partnering up again…


FORM is launching a new product for swim goggles as a result of a $1,498,082 investment. This will allow them to expand their operations and sales, which has been lacking since they lost access to the import market last year due to lower costs offshore manufacturing sections in Asia Pacific countries like Vietnam or Indonesia that can be as low cost if not cheaper than producing locally here at home.

Hyper Hippo

Kelowna, Canada–the Hyper Hippo Incubator Program will create a more welcoming and informative market for its products. They receive an investment of $2,804 000 in new sales strategies with an emphasis on product adaptation to accommodate different needs of customers within Kelowna’s diverse economy.


In the race to become North America’s preeminent AI-driven competitive intelligence software company, Vancouver’s Klue is got $2 million investment. With this cash injection, they plan on increasing staff and delivering their marketing strategy which includes developing an online Marketing Braintrust Retailing course that will help companies identify what type of personality fits best in each industry or market segment through personalized coaching.


Vancouver’s Panevo recently received a $750,000 investment to increase operational capacity and expand software sales internationally.

Portable Electric

Portable Electric company in Vancouver got $750,000 investment on increasing its manufacturing capacity and marketing. The plan includes an increase in sales as well so they can provide better service for customers who need it most!


Vancouver-based company Routific has just received $2,197,700 in funding to help them with their goal of increasing customer acquisition and retention on the delivery route optimization software.

Land of Opportunities

Canada is the land of opportunities – start your business there and become an entrepreneur!
A great way for would-be Canadian entrepreneurs to get started with their Start-ups, Canada offers many support programs. From funding opportunities that can help grow innovative ideas into successful enterprises, all while being embraced in Canadian society; to accession grants which offer millions of dollars towards developing new products and services from academia labs around this awesome country.

Joining the Canadian Startup Ecosystem means there are no limits to how big you can become. Check Start-up Visa Program, learn more, achieve more!

In Canada Start-ups flourish

The Honorable Gerry Weiner P.C. was the Minister of Immigration and Citizenship for Canada in the 1980s when the country’s Immigrant Investor Program was first established. It was an immigration program that offered Permanent Residency status in Canada for making an investment with the government of Canada. The program ran unabated for almost 20 years. It was hoped that Investors would make further business investments once they arrived in Canada. The program was canceled as it did not achieve its goals of creating employment opportunities within Canada.

What has become clear is through time most countries seem to have an interest in citizenship-by-investment, they’re quite happy to get the money, give up residency and citizenship, but very little interest in having the individual come and do something, with the exception of the United States, which develop the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa Program.

Start-up Visa program

The Start-up Visa program looks at an individual’s business background and how they accumulated their wealth. It’s been extremely successful. Africa has an interest because there’s been a lot of instability, and with the Start-up Visa there is an opportunity for business persons to do very well using their innovative ideas in a more entrepreneurial environment. If you take Nigeria as an example, there’s insecurity, instability, but there’s also a huge talent base that can’t find a place in their society. During the time Gerry Weiner was a minister, he had three ministerial trips to Africa, and he always thought that the huge diaspora that was growing should be of great benefit to Africa itself. Where individuals who are now successful in their new country go back and help do more for the industry and the quality of life of people back home. It hasn’t quite happened that way yet, but it will, with time.

In Canada, there is a tendency to want to live right beside the United States. However, there are huge natural resources in Canada, and it means there’s an opportunity within all kinds of areas for new technologies. If you’re trying to grow your economy, you want people to put bricks and mortar in the ground. Money alone is not going to do it, hiring people does, bringing in the talent changes a countries perspective. 

Oh, Canada

Canada replaces about one percent of its population in terms of immigrants and refugees. They could do a lot more. The former prime minister, Brian Mulroney, and Gerry Weiner both believe that there should be one million immigrants and refugees coming in every year. Some people think they’re crazy, but they’ve seen the development. Every single community, when they’ve been allowed to participate fully, witnesses that the growth is massive- over one or two generations. Canada’s diversity has been consistently growing and there is equality of opportunity for all. It’s a major strength within the country. 

Canada is a huge country, the second or third largest in the world. There is enough space; there are three people for every square kilometer. However, in some parts of Asia, there are about 150 people for every kilometer.

The Investor migration

The Investor migration industry has developed as Gerry Weiner thought it would because it became very competitive. There are a lot of countries that wanted to get their fingers into it, they were watching positive developments, and they realized that something good is going on. You can’t just allow your passport to be sold, then you’re not getting a full benefit. The process had to evolve; I think that the brain talent was always out there, but often living in situations that were a bit insecure. In the mid-’80s, Gerry Weiner was the creator of the Canadian immigration investment program. 

Mr. Gerry Weiner & Canadian Start-up Visa

Gerry Weiner has most recently been helping entrepreneurs from around the world to apply for the Canadian Start-up Visa. This offers Canadian permanent residence to qualified immigrant entrepreneurs. 

Over 1600 visas have been issued via the Canadian Start-up Visa program since 2013, as per government immigration statistics. APS Global Partners, a company that Gerry Weiner acts as an Executive Director, Global Relations, Partnerships, and Customer Satisfaction to, is not the only company that offers Start-up visas, but it has been in operation for almost five years and has assisted many applicants to achieve Permanent Residence status.  APS Global Partners works with Canadian Immigration Lawyers and Consultants to obtain a Letter of Support from a designated organization authorized by the Government of Canada.  Once a Letter of Support is issued an Application for Permanent Residence can be filed. It grows the economy, it puts new initiative in your economy, you can go into parts of your country that are being underserved. 

Working with Immigration Lawyers and Business Consultants, potential applicants are prequalified to participate in the program. From a business point of view, there are very few competitors to this program. Citizenship-by-investment is not a competitor, but EB-5 might be, although, it’s a lot more expensive – our program is about a fifth of the price of an EB-5 visa.

In Canada innovation thrive

Today Canada is at the forefront with the start-up visa, a little behind Israel, Russia, the United States, but catching up very fast – Canada knows how to do it. There will always be groups of people looking for second passports. There is population overgrowth. There’s a lack of opportunities in many parts of the world. Right now, there’s a huge opportunity with a Start-Up visa program because some countries have a large, educated population with nowhere to go, they have very limited job opportunities back home. There’s also going to be this constant push from the south to the north and less developed countries to the developed world. That’s not going to slow down until there’s some kind of weighing of the factors. This is the world we live in.

Mr. Gerry Weiner and his new role

Start-up Visa Canada looks at individuals and their families as well as the creativity and innovation of their plans to determine if they are suitable for the Start-up Visa. Gerry Weiner found his new role to assist prospects to meet the requirements of the Start-up Visa program and achieve results. Start-up visa was a pilot program, driven by great results, became one of the best options out there, which provides permanent and irrevocable PR status.

Toronto is a magnet for high-skilled tech workers under the Start-up Visa program

Toronto is a magnet for high-skilled tech workers under the Start-up Visa program. This program was instituted by the federal government to attract innovative talent from around the world and provide them with an opportunity to establish their own business in Canada. The Start-Up visa enables foreign entrepreneurs who are accepted into this program to have permanent residency status. This blog post will explore how Toronto has been successful as a welcoming place for immigrants and why it’s such a popular destination for tech workers through the Start-up Visa Program. Read on!

54,000 People

A study released by a leading commercial real estate firm reveals that Toronto is the magnet for attracting some of the brightest tech workers in North America.

In its 2021 Scoring Tech Talent report, CBRE again places Toronto high among the top cities for the tech sector. In just five years alone, it attracted 81,200 jobs and produced 26,338 degrees to prove this point – meaning that 54 thousand people have been drawn here because they want to be part of something special.

The Northern Ontario city of Sudbury did not make the list in CBRE’s 2021 Scoring Tech Talent report, but it is home to one “promising” company.
Pointing out that some Canadian cities are on their way up while others see a drop-off in talent attraction and job creation, Toronto was identified as having an edge for being able to attract top tech workers from all over North America.

Annual Ranking

Among the 50 North American cities in the annual ranking, Ottawa placed 10th, Vancouver 11th and Montreal once again came in at 16. The Waterloo region was ranked 21st, Calgary 28th, Quebec City 34th, and Edmonton 38th

Toronto is in the top 10 best markets for attracting and retaining talent from among all industries including technology. The city ranked third on their list with 81,200 tech jobs created between 2012-2016 along with 26,338 degrees produced during this period – meaning 54% more people were attracted here than left!

Amazon is hiring in Canada because it appreciates the country’s open-door policy and easy access to tech talent. They will hire 1,800 new employees this year alone for their retail and operations technology teams in Vancouver and Toronto. This means they are committed to integrating themselves into Canadian culture as well by developing relationships with local customers through large brick-and-term retailers such as Walmart or Costco – both of which have a presence on amazon’s website already.

Toronto is an international hub for technology and innovation

With a diverse population of over 2 million people, Toronto has recently emerged as one of North America’s most attractive destinations to find new talent in this business-friendly environment that offers affordable living costs with quality education opportunities. The report by CBRE Research set Toronto top among all other cities when measuring depth, vitality, and attractiveness factors.

The research arm of CBRE used 13 metrics to measure each market’s depth, vitality, and attractiveness to tech employers including the availability of talent (Toronto ranks first), quality labor forces (second), or gross operating costs(third). This modernized economic powerhouse currently fosters Canada’s third-largest GDP at USD 3 trillion per year while being ranked second.

Toronto is becoming a global hub for entrepreneurs, immigrants, and start-ups. This can be seen in the CBRE report which called Toronto’s “brain gain” the second largest migration of talent to an international city outside of Silicon Valley. The Start-up Visa Program has been designed to help entrepreneurs from around the world start their own business in Canada by creating a pathway to citizenship that includes no minimum investment requirement or net worth requirements and addresses barriers such as language skills and education credentials.