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We create business strategies that solve your start-up challanges

Submitting a Canadian Start-Up Visa application is easy.
Being supported by a designated organization… That’s hard. And that’s how we help.


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We find solutions, connect you with the best of the best to CREATE BUSINESS STRATEGIES that solve your START-UP CHALLENGES and help you get the support of a proper Designated Organization.


APS will assist you in selecting, preparing, and polishing a prospective business concept. We’ll identify the innovative idea and facilitate the Due Diligence process on a new start-up.

  • Review Business Plan
    • Comment
    • Submit
  • Assess the probability of acceptance
  • Zoom coaching
  • Canadian business idea research
  • Preparation for Interview
  • Liaison with the designated organization
  • Assuring acceptance
  • Help with course completion
  • Liaison with the government approved immigration experts
  • Recommendation on Board of Director structure
  • Business valuations
  • Job listing placements and recommendations
  • Staffing assistance
  • Incubator, investor or banking relationship introductions
  • Help create marketing material
  • Business start-up checklist
  • Preliminary marketing material
  • Marketing training
  • One-on-one coaching and mentoring
  • Business recommendations (franchise, start-up, resale)
  • Business registration assistance
  • Due Diligence
  • IP strategy
  • Business mentoring
  • Government rebate, subsidy, and grant education
  • Accounting
  • Project management services
  • Value proposition building
  • Canadian focused business guidance
  • Post landing program and support

We go above and beyond to find new possibilities for you to grow your business in Canada.


Take your business in Canada to the next level!

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