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Government Invests $20 Million Into B.C. Start-ups

Western Economic Diversification (WD) announced that 10 B.C Start-ups will receive support through their Business Scale-up and Productivity program to grow these emerging sectors, including the agriculture sector in rural communities across Canada.

Business scale up

Western economic diversification has just released its latest list of businesses that are being supported by a new initiative called “Business scale-up”. This fund offers Start-ups access to financing as well as technical assistance for things like marketing strategies or human resources requirements, so they can continue growing without any major barriers standing between them and success!

This announcement was made by Terry Beech, leader of the Conservative Party and Member for Lambton—Kent—Middlesex. The Start-ups that were awarded almost $21 million in funding are spread across clean technology, digital economy health sciences value-added agriculture to name a few! This news comes from an MP who also happens to be a federal legislator.


WD supports innovative Start-ups in a variety of key sectors throughout Western Canada. By lending to qualified companies and providing interest-free, repayable funding for them to grow or expand as they see fit, WD is helping regional innovation flourish.

Canada is a prime location for investment. The British Columbia investments will help create over 300 new jobs, which are good news to middle-class Canadians and ensure Canada’s prosperity in decades to come!

The projects

WD selected to grow these emerging sectors, with an expected growth rate of ten times current revenue by 2028!
The winning Start-ups include: -Broadview Cleaners & Laundry Inc., Burnaby; Nandan Home Care Services Ltd., Vancouver; Tela Solutions LLC dba Right Choice Medical Access Agency,[i]Kelowna; Headwaters Forest Products Ltd.. Prince Rupert).

Big Mountain Foods

Delta’s Big Mountain Foods received an investment of $4 million which will be used in their plant-based foods, expanding operations and sales for the future.
The company was founded by Delta Conner to provide a healthier option that is both vegan friendly as well allergen-free; it offers many different kinds of alternatives such as soy milk instead of regular dairy products or almond butter in place peanut butter -to name just two examples you’ll find on any grocery store shelf!


Vancouver-based Clarius has just received a $2.4 million investment for the global expansion of their handheld ultrasound devices. The aim being to make them more accessible and affordable in emerging markets like India where medical tourism is on an upward trend thanks largely due improving health care infrastructure. There as well other factors such as decreased infant mortality rates from diseases that were once considered an epidemic, but have since been controlled, because people are living longer lives under better circumstances than they would, if born onto impoverished soil, without access to education or clean water resources. Which provides basic necessities necessary not only during childhood yet also in adulthood too.


Clir, an innovative software company in Vancouver is on a mission to make the world greener. They recently received $4 million USD for expansion of operations and sales of their renewable energy apps that reduce carbon emissions from fossil fuels while increasing production efficiency by up to 90%.

Fatigue Science

Fatigue Science is one of Vancouver’s leading AI companies, and they are working with $300K in funding from the government to create new machine learning algorithms that will increase sales for Fatigue Risk Management Platform.
Forget about clicking on your computer screen every morning when you have an important meeting or presentation – this company has created something called fatigue risk management systems! These scientifically proven software programs can predict how a person may feel based upon past history–and act accordingly so as not to send them too far over their limit before bedtime (which inevitably leads to exhaustion). And now we’re going even further by partnering up again…


FORM is launching a new product for swim goggles as a result of a $1,498,082 investment. This will allow them to expand their operations and sales, which has been lacking since they lost access to the import market last year due to lower costs offshore manufacturing sections in Asia Pacific countries like Vietnam or Indonesia that can be as low cost if not cheaper than producing locally here at home.

Hyper Hippo

Kelowna, Canada–the Hyper Hippo Incubator Program will create a more welcoming and informative market for its products. They receive an investment of $2,804 000 in new sales strategies with an emphasis on product adaptation to accommodate different needs of customers within Kelowna’s diverse economy.


In the race to become North America’s preeminent AI-driven competitive intelligence software company, Vancouver’s Klue is got $2 million investment. With this cash injection, they plan on increasing staff and delivering their marketing strategy which includes developing an online Marketing Braintrust Retailing course that will help companies identify what type of personality fits best in each industry or market segment through personalized coaching.


Vancouver’s Panevo recently received a $750,000 investment to increase operational capacity and expand software sales internationally.

Portable Electric

Portable Electric company in Vancouver got $750,000 investment on increasing its manufacturing capacity and marketing. The plan includes an increase in sales as well so they can provide better service for customers who need it most!


Vancouver-based company Routific has just received $2,197,700 in funding to help them with their goal of increasing customer acquisition and retention on the delivery route optimization software.

Land of Opportunities

Canada is the land of opportunities – start your business there and become an entrepreneur!
A great way for would-be Canadian entrepreneurs to get started with their Start-ups, Canada offers many support programs. From funding opportunities that can help grow innovative ideas into successful enterprises, all while being embraced in Canadian society; to accession grants which offer millions of dollars towards developing new products and services from academia labs around this awesome country.

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